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In December I had received 3point adventure mail regarding Everest base camp trek, seeing the subject I did not bother to open it as it was an impossible thing for me a new beginner with 2 or 3one day treks as my experience. But here in May I was in a flight to Kathmandu for the same trek. This change was brought about by the  3point adventure team. Their gentle coaxing and positive attitude gradually changed my mind. The practice trek every Sunday to Sinhagad was an immense confidence booster. Their aid from shopping to  detailed information about each and every thing not only helped me complete the trek but enjoy it too. THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.

–  Priti Abhang
I started trekking with 3 point adventures 2 years ago. All i can say is the mountains called me, and 3 point adventures helped me understand their language! Trekking with 3 point adventures is like going on an adventure with friends without having to deal with all the logistics of the trip. And eventually we have become best buddies!! I have stopped counting the number of treks i have been with 3 point adventures and i look forward to many more exciting ones!
 – Prachi
I along with my wife and daughter participated in Plus valley trek and rapelling in Jan 18. It was a very well organized and executed event and we had a great experience. Thanks a lot Team 3 Point Adventures.
 – Ranjit Mandke
3 points adventures changed my point of view towards LIFE and NATURE . Well formed company by great leaders. They made my each and every trek memorable. Its part my life and surendra Tekraj and chetan are my family. I have got friends for life. Thank you so much.
 – Shweta Tripathi
It was a wonderful experience trekking with 3 Point Adventure Club. The team is very motivating , knowledgeable , well equipped for mountaineering .The team works together and encourages the fellow participants to keep the forts and nature clean .Looking forward to enjoy many more treks with you . Thank you. Team 3 Point Adventure.
 – Amruta Raut

विलोभनीय, सुंदर, कमनीय, पिळदार असा हा ‘ढाकचा भैरी’ |अनुभवला सर्वांनी त्याचा, डोंगर रुपी थरार भारी, मनी साठविली, भीतीयुक्त दरी सारी…..असा हा ढाकचा भैरी || विस्फारले नयन, भरले ऊर, बसली वांचा….पण, डगमगले नाही मन | कारण त्याचे, आधारा होते, निखिल, सुरेंद्र, कांचा आणिक चेतन || मोहक कानी पडला, कोमल पक्षांचा किलबिलाट, मनावर ठसला, सुकलेल्या पानांचा सुळसुळाट | एकांतात जंगली, रानटी, जनावराची भीती अफाट…कधी, कधी, थंड वाऱ्याचा आवेग फार….कधी, कधी, शीतल छायेची गहरीपायवाट….तर कधी कढत, अणूकुचीदार खडकांचा तळपळाट || समयी, सुखरूप परतली, दमलेली चोवीस सेना ही ढाकच्या भैरीची | निजलेल्या स्वप्नात विचार पक्का झाला ही तर किमया सारी, थ्री पॉइंट ऍडव्हेनचर ची | “थ्री पॉइंट ऍडव्हेनचर” ची ||

 – लक्ष्मीकांत इनामदार

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